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Toronto, Canada in Solidarity with the World against Violent Attacks!

Toronto, Canada in Solidarity with the World against Violent Attacks!

Standing with the victims of the tragedy in Toronto

Today, the 23rd of April, 2018, Toronto is in solidarity with the World against violent attacks. When somebody deliberately struck down innocent people who were just walking down the sidewalk in their own neighborhood in the middle of the day enjoying the glorious sunshine, it’s a horrible crime scenario but today it sadly happened in the place where I’ve worked and lived in uptown Toronto. Today, the neighborhood where I’ve worked for years was the target of a deranged man who played a major role in the catastrophic killing spree of innocent pedestrians out for a walk in a blazing sunny day.

The weekend before last there was a wicked winter blast here in the city ravaged by the ice storm and blustery winds but today all that misery have melted, blown away replaced by the much awaited spring’s glorious sunshine on a very clear and sunny day.

And then the unthinkable happened…

Same kind of disastrous events that happened on the streets and sidewalks of London, Barcelona, Berlin, Nice and other famous cities but who would have thought that it can happen right in your very own backyard unfolding before your very eyes. After that brutal attack of pedestrians on the sidewalks of North York district in uptown Toronto, a place so familiar to me where I’ve walked on these sidewalks, crossed these streets and now this?

Right in the midst of a crowded area comes an over speeding rented white moving van ready to slaughter all these innocent souls walking on the sidewalk. If you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time then that “twist of fate” will probably become the end that you never expected to happen to you at that very moment. The lucky people escaped unharmed and some were hurt and injured but the unfortunate ones were killed, run over and struck or even dragged by an over speeding van whose driver was crazy enough to mow down pedestrians, one after the other. Lucky for us that the Summer Patio Dining Season haven’t started yet, otherwise there would have been hundreds more casualties where these restaurants would cater to the lunch crowd at their patio and outdoor/sidewalk Cafe.

Eventually the van driver was caught and arrested by a brave lone police officer who was even taunted by the attacker and murderer to shoot him but instead he was wrestled to the ground and arrested, of course read his rights by the officer. Now that culprit is in jail and will probably spend the rest of his life paying for his hideous crime to humanity. And sadly enough I’ve watched the aftermath of that disastrous event on Live TV coverage all day. I will be praying for the recovery of those who were injured so badly and for the peace of the souls of those who died. Rest in peace brave souls.

Why did it have to happen, no one knew and now the authorities are tasked to investigate and find out why? And why the rampage; why the killing spree? While everyone is in great shock, the EMS paramedics, the police and all those good Samaritan who tried to help and save everyone who were hurt and injured in the rampage, sadly some of them were killed instantly. Will the killing ever end? Only time can tell…


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