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4th Day of April – My Anniversary Freedom of Life Day

The 4th Day of April – My Anniversary Freedom of Life Day

Today, the 4th of April eons of years ago, my family and I arrived in Toronto, Canada and it changed my whole life from that day onwards. I will call it my freedom kind of day! I have escaped from the oppressive years in my beloved country. I could have stayed and suffered like the rest of our country people but my family have chosen to leave and find freedom in another country willing to give us the opportunity to experience a better life where oppression is almost unheard of and lots of prosperity abounds.

Would I ever come back to my native land? Perhaps I will be back now that there’s complete freedom and the years of oppression eradicated by brave heroes willing to die for their country and earn that coveted freedom in life. The “Martial Law” years is over and will only be back to protect the rest of the country from oppressive, evil and venomous enemies again. Let’s get rid of oppression and martial law, then live in peace for good.

Toronto Sign at TO City Hall, Nathan Phillips Square

I can still remember that cool spring day in April when we set foot in my new homeland, Canada. All our dear family members and close friends were at the international airport to meet us on that joyous homecoming day. Some of my sisters that I haven’t seen for years on end were present. Yeah, we kept in touch through letter writing and long distance calls but seeing them all in person that particular day, made my dear heart sing aloud songs of happiness! It was heavenly and very fulfilling to be reunited as one big family again. We lost our father in the native land when he passed away. Our dear mother is with us now and the family is almost complete except for the missing loved ones. And the new life begins for us, the new arrivals.

During those years, all of us were living together in one huge condominium apartment rented from a family friend. It had three bedrooms with two bathrooms and a huge living room with a dining room and a nice kitchen area. We stayed there for a few years, then moved on to rent our own apartments in same building a few blocks away from our rented place. Most buildings have their own indoor or outdoor swimming pools and some have tennis courts, too.

All of us were working on our own chosen careers and bought our own cars to drive to work instead of taking a crowded bus and packed transit subway trains. Some of us moved to the suburbs buying our own homes and others have chosen to live downtown in rented apartments which later on we left downtown to buy our own condo apartments uptown. Renting is such a waste of money so we decided to save for down payments and bought our own homes and condos. If you own it, you will have invested your money wisely instead of just renting your place of residence. After years of working hard, we finally reached retirement age and decided to retire and start travelling to other countries, like Europe, South America and Asia.

Skyline Toronto, Canada

Life in Canada is wonderful, but you have to work hard to fulfill your own dreams in life. You have some sacrifices to do and some accomplishments to cherish. You can even go back to school in college or university level and upgrade your education to complement your jobs. Work and leisure go hand in hand. We work all week and have weekends off to be able to enjoy life and learn more skills like skiing, biking, driving and living life to the fullest. There are some bumps and turns that will come along the way but you will learn to overcome them and be successful in life.

When you move to another country, you have to work more and learn to live a happy and productive life. You also have to give in order to receive blessings. You practically learn to balance your way of living to suit your needs and happiness. Such is a good life. You learn to love someone dearly and spend the rest of your life with them living a family life full of love, happiness and good memories.

“Take it easy. Live life one day at a time. It is only when we add the regrets of ‘yesterday’ and worries of the ‘future’ to the ‘present’ that we end up complicating things.” ~Anonymous

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