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Percé Rock in the Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, Canada

The Legendary Percé Rock

The famous Percé Rock is a 5 million-ton monolith and was formed over 350 million years ago. It rose from the depths of the sea as many have told legends about it. The early explorers mentioned two holes in the rock; one of the arches crumbled on June 17, 1845 so there’s only one remaining hole to date.

The Famous Percé Rock at the Gaspésie region in Quebec.

The name Percé Rock means a rock that’s been pierced with a hole in it. When we visited and strolled around Percé, one of Québec’s loveliest coastal villages, we saw the cafés, boutiques and art galleries lined its streets. In the Gaspé Peninsula where Percé is located, you can’t miss the magnificence of the Rock and shouldn’t skip a tour of Bonaventure Island, home to North America’s largest colony of northern gannets and other seabirds .

The Famous Percé Rock at Lowtide, you can walk and view the rock up close.

We have driven along the scenic road to Percé Rock, a limestone behemoth in the Gaspésie region where 110,000 northern gannets and 250,000 other seabirds live on a single island, and where a 5 million-ton monolith rises from the sea and at lowtide you can walk the pathway leading to the rock and literally touch it, but then be careful and make sure you go back on land before the tide rises so high that all you can do is swim ashore.

The Village of Percé in the Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec Province.

Exploring the awesome Percé Rock with it’s magnificent view.

We walked the gravel pathway and took some photos but did not stay too long for fear of the tide rising so fast in the early afternoon. We spent some time in the pretty villages, and relived history. We didn’t have enough time to climb the region’s numerous lighthouses. We enjoyed surprise trail encounters with wildlife and there were some sea kayakers alongside the cliffs and coves to see North America’s largest gannet colony. All in all it was a great sightseeing day trip to the Gaspé Peninsula in the neighboring province of Quebec near the border of New Brunswick. We went to visit the Village of Percé after our trip to Quebec City where we also visited the Basilica of SainteAnnedeBeaupré, in Quebec City set along the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada.

The Gaspé Peninsula reaches out into the Gulf of St. Lawrence and on this map the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula is shown (Photo Courtesy of The Gaspésie Tour Quebec Maritime).


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