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Am I Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Am I Dreaming of a White Christmas?

After almost a decade of seeing a Green Christmas and mild winters, finally we are going to have a White Christmas. True!  Mild weather is out and the colder weather is here.

It’s a welcome sight especially on the last day of school for students yesterday and start of Christmas Break and vacation on SNOW DAY although it didn’t come easy since it snowed followed by freezing drizzle and melted snow turned to ice, making driving and even walking on the sidewalks so dangerously slippery. It was a great time for skating though it was so cold and we had to bundle up (Winter coat, with scarf, hat and warm gloves).

At the Riverdale Park in Toronto the kids with their parents went tobogganing and enjoying the Snow Day. We had our first snow fall last week and it was still Autumn. Now that it is officially winter on the 21st of December, 2017, we are excited to get 5 to 10 cm of snow in the GTA. Hello old-man winter for 2017-2018. I can’t wait for Spring in 2018.

Last Christmas we almost had a White Christmas but all the snow that fell a few days before Christmas day melted because of the mild temperature that followed so it was still a green Christmas but this year, hopefully the snow stays around for Christmas Day, Yohoo!!!  White Christmas, a dream no more, it’s true and it’s here to stay.

Happy Holidays to ALL!

Can you believe it? My wish for a white Christmas comes true but ‘sometimes be careful for what you wish for’, so they say ‘because there will be some consequences to deal with!’ Yeah, that’s the truth. My wish is here and it’s a white Christmas BUT we got more snow, freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall and an icy blast from the windy snowstorm, a vortex effect!

Wowie! A Wish is a wish no matter what comes with it, we have to deal with it in such a way that makes us all happy not sad and that’s really bad. We can go skating or cross-country skiing and downhill tobogganing. I will leave the downhill skiing to the Olympians and athletes in this sports. So for now, let me wish everyone a Merry ‘White’ Christmas, HOHOHO!

Santa Claus

Photos Courtesy of lakbaypilipinas.ca


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