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A Day at the Don Mills Center Shopping Mall!

Having Lunch at A&W Root Beer Restaurant at the shopping mall.

We went to the mall and had Lunch at A&W Root Beer Restaurant at the fast food section of the shopping mall. Since it was the weekend, there were lots of people shopping there. When all of a sudden, the A&W Root Beer Mascot, a huge brownish lovable bear with an orange sweater and hat came around having a wonderful time with the kids and all of us, too. We posed with the mascot bear and got lots of ‘beary’ tight hugs!

The family was having lunch, of all places at the A&W Root Beer Restaurant so the mascot came right at us and started to show how lovable he really was. We all got hugs from the bear and he got hugs from all of us, too. As you can see on the photos, he was the center of attraction and who wouldn’t be? He was very lovable as ever! Then he went around the mall area to spread cheers and hugs all over the mall.


After lunch, we went for a short drive and ended up at the cookie factory where they sell day old cookies and imperfect cookies that they don’t include in their packaging for products to be sold at stores and supermarkets. When the cookies are done and baked some of them don’t retain their entirety as a whole and those with imperfect shapes are separated from the perfectly shaped ones and sold in bags by the dozen. One dozen is a dollar, two dozens are two dollars and three dozens for two dollars and fifty cents.

cookiesChocolate Chips Cookies

Boy, three dozens are a lot of cookies. Usually well-packaged cookies only have two dozens and they cost over three dollars each package so buying these imperfect cookies is really a good deal. We usually buy two  bags of three dozen cookies that’s good for a few weeks supply. They only open a few hours of the day to sell these ones from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm and then the factory outlet closes for the next day of sales. Chocolate Chips Cookies anyone?

Photos Courtesy of lakbayfilipinas.ca


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