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The Beauty of the City of North York in Metro Toronto

The Beauty of the City of North York in Metro Toronto

After Dusk view from our balcony overlooking the City of North York.

Blue, blue skies can be seen early evening on our way to the birthday celebration.

We passed by the towering glass building of the biggest financial institution in Metro Toronto.

The Red Lobster Restaurant in Richmond Hill Suburb, North of Metro Toronto is one of the best seafood restaurant in the city.  Here Families and friends gather to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and sometimes just a night out to enjoy their great cuisine.

After having a dinner party at the restaurant, my sisters and I decided to cap the night with a short trip to the Woodbine Slots Casino and have some fun before we end the birthday celebration on my honor. We did have lots of fun and winnings so we all went home delighted after our casino trip.

I’ve lived in the City of North York even before it was amalgamated into the City of Metro Toronto. Amalgamation was done in 1998 when six municipalities comprising Metropolitan Toronto – East York, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, York, and the regional municipality of Metro Toronto were dissolved and amalgamated into a single municipality called the City of Toronto by an act of the Government of Ontario.

The new City of Toronto became the fifth largest municipality in North America after amalgamation only trailing behind Mexico City, New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. When you visit Toronto, you will find out that it is one of the cleanest cities in the world next only to the Swiss cities; like Zurich, Bern, Lucerne, etc. which are the cleanest in Europe.

Old Bus Stop

This is one of our old bus stops, just a post with info on bus schedules wrapped around the pole; while other bus stops have modern glass shelters to shield people from weather elements like rain and snow, even strong winds on windy days!

New Modern Glass-Enclosed Bus Shelter

Although our TTC Subway system is quite old compared to other cities in the world, it is very modern and there’s additional subway lines constructed to compliment the old subway; like the new Wilson Subway line which is actually an extension to the northbound west subway line and the most recent Sheppard Subway line added to the Sheppard subway going Eastbound to the Don Mills Road Extension. I will show you our underground subways and subway trains and blog about our TTC Subway System later on.

I took a photo of the TTC Hybrid Bus on the right side infront of our Toyota Lexus car that was going 60Kph city speed limits! In the future, the underground subways will probably be extended again, while the Wilson Subway line will also be extended to accommodate the West end where the York University is located. The plan is to connect that subway line also to the airport area to give access to travelers who wants to take public transport instead of the Airport Limousines that service the airline travelers. Our subway system is expanding to meet the needs of the general public and there’s also plans to add surface public transport in the form of Metrolinx (Rapid Transit Train System) this is to compliment the already existing surface TTC Streetcars and TTC Buses that serviced the whole city. 

This fiery sunset photograph was taken by me while we were on the road with no flash, filter-less, tripod-less, inside a moving car behind the windshield on passenger side, how cool is that?

(Photos Courtesy of lakbaypilipinas.ca)



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