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A & B Wedding at Shangri-La Hotel Toronto – Part 2

Arran & Beverly’s Wedding at Shangri-La Hotel Toronto
September 28, 2014 – Part 2

(In Honor of their coming 3rd Wedding Anniversary)

The Wedding Celebration at Shangri-La Hotel Toronto

The Wedding Celebration at Shangri-La Hotel Toronto was a joyous occasion for all of us in the family. Since the Bride and Groom have also indicated that we can post all the wedding photos taken with our family and friends, then feel free to share them on social media, perhaps I will do just that.

When we arrived at the hotel before the Wedding ceremony, everyone was having a free continental breakfast at the room next to the Museum Hall where the wedding will take place and everyone getting ready for the marching of the entourage.

When it was time to gather at the Museum Hall for the wedding ceremony, the guests were requested to find their own seats except for the reserved seats for the entourage, the one in the first 3 rows of the seating arrangement.  The wedding ceremony held at the Shangri-La’s Museum Hall and officiated by a minister started on time. The Wedding Entourage marched through the aisle and the Bride and Groom proceeded to the stage after the Father of the Bride gave away his daughter’s hand in marriage to the Groom with his Dad by his side.

Then the usual wedding ceremony started, with the veil and cord ceremonies. First the candles were lighted for the Candle ceremony and handed to the Groom and Bride who lighted the candles at the table. After the “I Do’s” were said and done, then the Marriage Certificate was signed by the Bride and Groom.

Music during the wedding was provided by a Violinist and a Violoncello/Cello Musician who made beautiful music together. It was a very lovely day for a wedding and the sun was shining brightly like a blessing for the newly married couple. The wedding ceremony ended with the guests waving the tiny bells at the end of the sticks given to us in lieu of the rice showers. And they marched down the aisle with everyone clapping and cheering for both of them!

It was a great wedding day for Arran and Beverly especially attended by the families and close friends of both parties. Then the Cocktails followed at the canopied outdoor garden patio where all the guests enjoyed the cocktail drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

A Ghostly Selfie at the Garden Patio and the people across the indoor room during Cocktails hour.

Angie & Cousin Oscar (Father of the Bride)

From there all the guests proceeded to the banquet ballroom across the outdoor garden patio located on the third floor. The Banquet Luncheon was served at Queen’s Park Ballroom for the Wedding Reception.

The Wedding Reception Ballroom Sign at The Shangri-La Hotel Toronto

The Wedding Reception Menu with Salmon Main Entree at The Shangri-La Hotel Toronto

The Lovely Wedding Cake at the Banquet at The Shangri-La Hotel Toronto

After the Luncheon Banquet was served and enjoyed, the program presentation was started with a Solo song rendition of “Close to You” by my niece, Anne Marie. The cutting of the wedding cake shared and enjoyed by the Bride and Groom followed and the wine ceremonial drink with arms entwined. (I don’t really know where all the Pro Photographers went because they were not in the way this time around but I got a nice spot in front of the wedding cake table so I took great photos of the Bride and Groom.) Along the way we were allowed to pose with them but I can’t post it here now for privacy reasons, I need their express permission to post it here which I will get from my niece/bride soon. When I get the okay then I will show our photos here.

Family and Friends attending the Wedding Celeration

There’s so much photos taken during the wedding festivities so I will start and make a nice set of photo collages for posting to minimize the volume. Here I’ll add the photo collage that shows how the lovely outdoor garden patio with canopies and rock garden located on the third floor looked like (so quiet and peaceful) after the cocktails hour when everyone have left and gone to the banquet ballroom for the wedding reception.

The lovely outdoor garden patio at The Shangri-La Hotel Toronto

After the wedding on our way home, we drove through the downtown Toronto area and I took some photos and will show them on the coming posts. Hope you enjoyed reading this wedding post.

Photos Courtesy of LakbayPilipina.ca

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