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A & B Wedding at Shangri-La Hotel Toronto – Part 1

Arran & Beverly’s Wedding at Shangri-La Hotel Toronto
September 28, 2014 – Part 1

(In Honor of their coming 3rd Wedding Anniversary)

The Intricate Wedding Invitation

The box seed-kit of Red Maple Tree is the Wedding Giveaway gift to the guests at the Wedding Reception. Truly Canadian all the way, Happy “Maple Tree” planting. Some will plant it in their balcony garden and maybe later on turn it into a miniature tree which I will probably consider doing. Others will plant it in their backyard or front yard, who knows? Since the Red Maple Tree is our National Tree and the Maple Leaf stands for Canada in the Canadian Flag, we honor it by planting the seed in our own backyard, as we say.

Wedding Ceremony at the Shangri-La Hotel Toronto’s Museum Hall

We attended the wedding ceremony held at the Shangri-La’s Museum Hall and officiated by a minister. After the “I Do’s” were said and done, then the Marriage Certificate signed by the Groom and the Bride; the wedding ceremony ended with the guests waving the tiny bells at the end of the sticks given to us in lieu of the rice showers.

It was a great wedding day for Arran and Beverly especially attended by the families and close friends of both parties. Then the Cocktails followed at the outdoor garden patio and banquet luncheon was served at the Queen’s Park Ballroom of the Shangri-La Hotel Toronto.

The Lovely Wedding Cake was a beauty to behold.

Banquet Luncheon at Queen’s Park Ballroom of the Shangri-La Hotel Toronto.

(Usually wedding receptions are held at night and wedding ceremony at the church but for practical reasons, the wedding reception followed after the wedding ceremony held at the same venue on the Museum Hall of the hotel.) Everyone had so much great memories to remember on this happy wedding day. Not only did we meet the bride and groom and their families for the very first time, but seems like we’ve known all of them for a long time already. I did take lots of photographs with my new Nikon1 J2 Digital Camera and a spare Nikon L810 in case I run out of battery which I did after the wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony and reception with so much blissful moments to remember was a huge success!

Wedding Banquet Luncheon Menu included Salmon Dish at the Shangri-La Hotel Toronto.

We were so happy to finally meet all our nieces and nephews of the bride’s family from Manila (their Dad is our first cousin who is very close to us). Sadly, their Mom have passed years ago but I’ve met her in Bacolod City where her husband was assigned to work while I was studying in Dumaguete City and visited them at their home in Bacolod. They moved to Manila and we’ve moved to Toronto, Canada.

The Wedding Cake Picture taken with me are the Bride and Groom

As requested by the Bride and Groom, we are respecting their privacy and no photographs of them will be posted on social media without their express permission.

(Photos Courtesy of lakbaypilipinas.ca)

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