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My New Camera: CANON EOS M (Digital Camera)

My New Camera: CANON EOS M

I kept wondering, when will Canon have a Mirrorless Digital Camera? I have an old Canon Xsi 450D with an 18-55 mm Lens. It’s about 3 years old or more and it is great to handle and still functioning well in taking photographs. The only problem is that it weighs a tonne, well not really just a few pounds to lug along on my trips. I’ve always had a dream of a lightweight one to bring with me on my coming travels. But can you blame me if I had to dream?

Fast forward, now they do have a Canon Mirrorless Digital Camera, the CANON EOS M. Wow, finally, for me a dream come true but was suddenly shuttered by the expensive MSRP, OMG nightmare of a price! Should I line up and buy it or just wait a bit longer? So the waiting game continues, hoping that the price would go down a bit perhaps by a couple of hundred dollars. To my surprise, the Canon ads were too pricey MSRP. When dealers get them from the manufacturer, the company gives them discounts which in turn goes to the buyers, NICE! So I went shopping right away, before I did, I had to check and compare the prices online. My favorite camera store, Henry’s Camera, of course had the best selling affordable price and I looked for better prices but can’t find any so I went to the store after I called them to make sure the stock is available and it was still available, not sold out yet which will be as soon as the word spreads that it is here, the coveted Canon EOS M. I have to catch my breath, through all this excitement.

As soon as I entered the store, my fave salesman waves at me and I approached him. They get commission I guess if they make a good sale. He already knows me, so he got the UV filter ready plus the free camera bag, of course (compliments for a preferred buyer) that’s me. What else do I need? Perhaps a 16GB or 32GB SD/MC. The 32 GB is fine, I told him and I needed a new ND 400 filter and an extra battery. The bill total including taxes was a few hundred bucks for the Camera plus all the accessories bought with it less the complimentary camera bag. I was happy with the camera plus the free stuff and the great customer service so I gladly paid for the total amount of purchased items. Everything was placed in a canon shopping bag and handed to me by the salesman after the transaction was completed. A big thank you, a smile from me and welcome smile from him, of course.

Canon EOS M Camera

That someday is here and I got a new CANON EOS M, gladly called it my newest toy, LOL. When I got the Nikon1 J2 for my niece’s wedding 2 years and a half ago, Canon didn’t have this model yet. The Nikon1 J2 came with a 10-30mm lens and a 30-110mm telephoto lens as a bundle kit for $300 and it was worth every penny. The photos I got on the wedding day were fabulous and I loved every minute of using that Nikon mirrorless camera. It wasn’t only light (less than a lb) I guessed and it looked awesome with white camera body. My only regret was that it wasn’t a Canon although I liked Nikon, too.

Nikon1 J2

I have ordered a leather case for my new Canon EOS M so I used it to show off my new camera. Yay! It’s not only for looks but the case would protect the camera in a good way. As usual, everyone have a favorite camera of their own. My cousin likes his Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera, while my other cousin likes to use her iPad’s built-in camera to take photos although it has only a 5 mp lens and she’s happy with it and I got a new CANON EOS M Camera.

Now, it’s the start of a new Canon adventure…

Canon EOS M Camera


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