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One More Summer Adventure in Toronto at Canada’s Wonderland Park

One More Summer Adventure in Toronto at Canada’s Wonderland Park

We had another summer adventure at Canada’s Wonderland Park with family member and a friend.  We usually plan to go and enjoy summer outings whenever we get holidays on long weekends.

It was a sunny early afternoon when we left the apartment to go to the entertainment park. As usual we get to use our season passes and enjoy the day at the park. There’s also a huge globe around the park and fountains, surrounded by beautiful flowers.

The International Street have dancing fountains that’s  accompanied by musical sounds on loud speakers.

There were lots of park mascots around to entertain the kids and adult guests;

Like the Bedrock’s Fred Flintstone  character. 

What do you know, I’m even taller than Fred Flintstone, LOL!

The dining area is set in the Stone Age town of Bedrock and the tables resemble

the cars that are made out of stone, wood, and animal skins.

This is the International Music Festival Tent where the performances are held and he common long benches are there to sit and watch the shows. Then we went to the Wonderland Theatre Castle where Broadway Shows are performed and we watched the shows on luxuriously padded individual seats, like in real broadway theatres in downtown Toronto.

There’s a cute statue of a turquoise colored elephant with

a pinkish mouth and ivory tusks around the wading pool area;

And lots of people like having their photos taken here.

The view from Wonder Mountain where there are caverns and walkways;

Leading to the look out point where you can get an aerial view almost of the entire park.

Then I found Smurfette, the only girl smurf that I love to watch on TV.

The little blue smurfs were also there, Papa Smurf was there.

Somewhere in the park you can also meet other mascots like Scooby Doo and others.

And what a great summer afternoon adventure we have enjoyed at Canada’s Wonderland Park.

(Photos Courtesy of lakbaypilipinas.ca)


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