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Taking a Year off after Graduating from College!

After graduating from College, did you take a year off?

One of our Professors in my Junior Year in College at Silliman University talked about taking a year off at the end of our college years and all for a good reason. Some graduates take a year off to travel and see the world and then go backpacking to Europe on a Eurail Pass. Others go on a volunteer trip to Africa and help some third world nations while others will still take a year off for their own personal reasons. Some say that they deserved a break, others want to forge their college friendships by traveling together with their college friends or roommates to some exotic countries and even some graduates find it a good excuse not to jump to the corporate world right away and enjoy their newly found freedom. It’s a matter of choice really because others who have graduated find it inexcusable to waste a year traveling when they can just as well  look for a job in their chosen career and start working right away.

On the other hand, I took a year off during my college years, not after college only because I got a job offer that was so enticing that I can’t resist to turn it down. And fortunately got an early taste of the corporate world that’s yet to come.

Attending a Seminar for  Baguio City as Managers DSM/RSM for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao

I was only 19 going on 20, decades of years ago when I have decided that taking on a job at that particular time was quite a huge challenge but an opportunity I had to take. After getting my parents to agree with my plan to take on the job that my older sister was giving up so that she can go abroad and work in her chosen field as a nutritionist in a hospital with a Degree in Food/Nutrition that she just graduated a few months ago, I was ready for the new job challenge. She accepted a foreign job offer to work as an intern in the hospital’s food department as a Nutritionist. In order for her to leave and accept the job, she had to find a replacement in a hurry for her position as the Unit Manager and the Regional Sales Manager of the Northwest part of the province of Zamboanga in Mindanao.

We were on a training seminar for DSM/RSM in Baguio City.

From Baguio City we attended the Barrio Fiesta of the Tupperware Corporation held at Manila Hilton. At the Luneta Rizal Park Plaza while in attendance at the Barrio Fiesta in Manila Hilton (Building at the left).

 Intramuros, Walled City of Manila is now a Museum and an Outdoor Theatre so I visited this historical site.

The job offer was to take effect right away so she resigned and recommended me for the job. The  District Sales Manager arrived in our city and assigned me as the Regional Sales Manager in charge of a dozen dealers working in our provincial area. Everyone in town knows everybody so the  introduction to the group was done smoothly and the transition was swift and easy even if some of the dealers knew that I was 10 or 20 years their junior because most of them were in their 30’s and 40’s and doing so well in their jobs as dealers of the famous plastic kitchenware that was so popular the world over. Before the job offer was handed down to me, my sister on their group meeting with the dealers offered the managerial position to anyone of them willing to take over the challenge. And no one wanted to give up their territorial dealership for the different sectors of our province so the current RSM had no choice but to find an outside source to fill in the coming vacant job as RSM and I was that choice. It was up to me to accept or decline the job offer so I gladly accepted the RSM job without hesitation and much ado. 

At the Manila Hilton Hotel Banquet Room for the Barrio Fiesta wearing my own version of our Philippine traditional dress for ladies that is worn on formal occasions known as the “Filipino Terno” sans the Butterfly Sleeves (Designed by Me and created for the occasion by my Mom at our Dressmaking Shoppe in Dipolog City).

The Calesa was displayed as a decor at the banquet meeting hall.

The Manila Hilton Hall was decorated with Native Products displayed at Banquet table.

It was the right time for me to take a year off and formed a balanced trade off. I’m quitting a year of college but in return I get a year of working experience in the corporate world with a very reasonable starting salary and some perks on the job like expense accounts and some VIP privileges that I get to enjoy for a year. I still had to manage a dealership of my own territory aside from the Regional Management job that I had to tackle.  That gave me the chance to travel all over the islands and then attend our district and regional meetings as required; also attend events which was the real highlight of my new job aside from the regional sales management and selling of the popular kitchen wares.

Luau Christmas Party at the Head Office with the DSM of Cebu City,

her staff members and I wearing Hawaiian MuuMuu dresses.

Attending District meetings in Cebu and be a part of those happy Luau Hawaiian events being held there.


A dancer at the Luau Hawaiian event performing a Tahitian/Hawaiian Dance.

I didn’t only work so hard but also had the chance to travel from Mindanao (Dipolog, Zamboanga City, Davao City), to the Visayas (Cebu City, Tagbilaran, Bacolod and Iloilo) and to Luzon (Manila, Quezon City, Baguio City) for the DSM/RSM meetings and special events held every now and then, like Barrio Fiesta at the Manila Hilton, Christmas and Luau Party in Cebu City and others especially when our US International President and Managers arrived in Manila and Cebu to meet us all in person.

I did a presentation event of Tupperware items that were decorated.

And once I ended up as Queen for the Day’s Regional Rally and had lots of FUN!!!

This great job took me to other cities and towns aside from the sales that I did on my own hometown. It was a grueling job in sales and management, one that I learned with grace, passion and hard work, also with support from the higher management level, like DSM/RSM and other officials of our company and I loved every moment of it.  After selling Tupperware items at parties and filling up the orders, sending it to the company to fulfill and getting the orders on time for prompt delivery to the customers, everything went so smoothly. Even our weekly/monthly District and Regional meetings were well attended and we did a great job as a group under my management. It was a great success as a whole with lots of team work and great efforts, our sales were incredibly higher.

The President of the Tupperware Company  visiting in Manila and Cebu from the USA

Awards to the DSM/RSM were given by the President of the Tupperware Company,

We also received awards and recognition for all our endeavor and hard work.

(Photos Courtesy of Lakbay Pilipinas.ca)

It was a great job opportunity and after a year, I handed down the managerial job to the next deserving dealer. I had a real working experience even before I have graduated from college. An early taste of the corporate world yet to come after I go back to college and get a Diploma.  All in all I should say something good about this opportunity that I wouldn’t miss for the world and it was not only a learning experience but a very successful accomplishment in my young life. And what a job well done!

It was one chance of a lifetime that I had to take and never regretted my decision. I didn’t only learn valuable and important lessons in life but had lots of fun along the way, and then met some awesome friends and also great people! What an unforgettable life experience it was for me, done with much passion and loving every moment of it!

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