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My Old and New Paintings, A Small Art Collection

My Old and New Paintings, A Small Art Collection

After being only a Sunday Painter, then I started painting again and that was the start of my watercolour art painting collection. I have given out some of my watercolour paintings to my family and friends, mostly as social greeting cards on their birthdays, at Easter, Valentine’s Day or Christmas and New Year’s Day greetings. I have done a few sketches and used different other medium like charcoal, pastel and pencil. Sometimes I don’t have enough time to paint on the spot so I just take a photograph of the scenery I wanted to paint or object and then paint it from the photograph that I’ve taken. At times, I paint from memory of what I’ve seen someplace, somewhere in time and have never forgotten how it looked like. I remembered that particular look-out point in college and down below was a beautiful meadow filled with flowers of different varieties and colours, such as red, yellow, blue, orange, etc, etc. At times I see it in my dreams, such a beautiful sight!

“Vinta” Boat

vintaMy oldest painting is an oil painting on canvas but still unframed “Vinta” Boat (a native boat aptly called ‘vinta’). They used to be sea transportation, sailboats to go from one island to another, but since they’ve gone out of style and not used anymore, they are now extinct. They came back years later as boats for racing in a boat regatta. When the Dragon Boats started getting popular so did the “Vinta” boats and mostly for racing purposes. According to Wikipedia, “The vinta (locally known as lepa-lepa or sakayan) is a traditional boat found in the Philippine island of Mindanao. These boats are made by Bajau and Moros living in the Sulu Archipelago, Zamboanga peninsula, and southern Mindanao. It has a sail with assorted vertical colors that represents the colorful culture and history of the Muslim community. These boats are used for inter-island transport of people and goods. Zamboanga City is known for these vessels.” (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Taking a walk in one of our myriad city parks, I found this view of a quiet  brook in between the trees.

One time I was walking downtown and I noticed this old flatiron building, a heritage building built in the 1890’s. I’ve taken lots of photographs of this famous iconic building but what I really wanted was to paint this beauty the way I see it. So I started to paint it in different versions and from different angles of that same building, some kind of collective art project. This flatiron building painting has to be finalized from it’s unfinished version with a few finishing touches on the details. Then the final version will be done.

Gooderham Flatiron Building 1892

And also the Toronto Skyline with the freestanding CN Tower have fascinated me ever since. I decided to make an entire art project of this topic alone, the Toronto Skyline Art Collection. So far, I’ve painted a few versions and on different occasions, I wanted them to have something in common, the towering CN freestanding structure. These paintings and sketches are still in the early painting stages but here’s a sample sketch.

Toronto Skyline with the freestanding CN Tower Sketch

Another iconic structure is the Roger’s Centre (a.k.a. The Skydome) with a retractable roof (so far the only one in Canada) wherein MLB Baseball players can compete on a sunny day with the roof retracted or play inside on a rainy/stormy day with the roof closed. Even the 100th Season of the CFL was played here last year with the roof closed because of the early wintry weather. And Congrats to the “Argos”, they were the Grey Cup Championship Winner!!!! Way to go Toronto Argonauts Champions! It was also here in the Skydome where the Toronto Blue Jays MLB won three World Series in the 1990’s. I’m an avid baseball fan of the Blue Jays! Not as much a fan to the Toronto Maple Leaf NHL who plays hockey at the ACC-Air Canada Centre Arena, also used for concerts, other games and for assemblies.

The Roger’s Centre (a.k.a. The Skydome) on the left in this Toronto Skyline Photo

Soon I will set up my own virtual art gallery called the ‘trinityartgallery.ca’ and my domain is ready, all I need now is a web host to start my new venture. My paintings will be duplicated in the form of giclée (a printmaking method using an ink-jet printer for photographic images of paintings to produce high-quality reproductions; also written as giclee) and then those giclee with be reproduced in limited quantities, numbered and signed by me, the artist (with authenticity certificates). My original painting will stay in the vaults for safekeeping. Only the giclee will be sold at a very reasonable price in order to make my paintings affordable to everyone who likes to buy them and keep them in their collection. If some people wants an original, then it will have to be commissioned, one way or the other.

An old painting of the famous Eiffel Tower,

painted from a photo taken when I traveled to Paris.

One sunny spring day, I happen to go for a short walk at Edwards Garden when the tulips were in full bloom. At the end of the garden path I found a bunch of pink tulips, so pretty that I thought it would make a good subject for painting. All the tulips in the garden were red, orange and white but this particular small patch were pink. It stood out and I just took a photo of it and when I got home to my studio, I took my paint box, brushes, watercolour pad and I did create a pink tulips watercolor painting. So pretty indeed and I loved the way it came out after I painted it.

Pink Tulips Bloom at Edward’s Garden

I am a self-taught artist and even if I tried to take some art lessons, I never formally graduated in any kind of art courses. I read mostly art books and practice painting what I’ve seen and read about. When I get to own a gallery, I’d like to teach kids and everyone who wants to learn how to paint at my workplace, the art gallery where I will display some of my original watercolor paintings and sketches. Here’s an experimental piece of artwork, the chocolate hills!

The Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines (Experimental Version)

(Dark Chocolate was used in lieu of watercolour pigments)

Painting for me is not only an expression of my artistic talent but somehow whenever I paint and I’m kind of stressed out, all those feelings get neutralized by just doing  some art work. It’s really a great stress reliever of some sort. Painting somehow releases some of those stressful moments and takes some of my own aches and pains away. Even broken hearts can mend when you have done some painting and releases that energy bottled up within yourself. When I am painting, I feel like I am in another dimension and nothing can distract me from what I am painting or trying to accomplish and when I am done, I feel some kind of  tranquility and peacefulness within myself.

A Freehand Drawing of a Parrot with Watercolour Art Pencils

Why do I paint, draw and sketch? Mainly because I love what I do best in life and that’s painting, as a hobby for now and maybe in the near future I can find a niche out there that will want to buy and own some of my artwork. I plan to donate and share some of my own copies of watercolour giclée to school libraries and small businesses to decorate their bare walls and take pride in knowing that somewhere out there people see a part of myself where my art work is displayed and admired by them. Sometime in the near future I do hope to have my own Solo Art Show Exhibition.  Target date is 2016/2017 in Toronto!

Trees near a brook in Sunnybrook Park

(Photos Courtesy of Lakbay Pilipinas Blog)


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