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MY TRAVELS IN EUROPE SERIES #14 My Travel Adventures to Germany!

 Traveling to Cologne and to the Black Forest in Germany!

The Majestic Cologne Cathedral in Cologne, Germany

Driving through the mountains on our way to the City of Cologne in Germany. Then we went to visit the Cologne Cathedral while we stayed in Cologne, Germany for two days, after passing by Frankfurt and Heidelberg (reminded me of the place that Jose Rizal, our National Hero had visited).

Also seeing the Black Forests in Germany was pure delight, it reminded me of the cake named after this forest, The Black Forest Cake with Cream, Cherries, Rum and everything nice. There are black forests everywhere in other countries but nothing looked like this beautiful forest. Central Black Forest – Lovely valleys and picturesque towns. The black forest is a rural region. About 60 percent are covered with forests, criss-crossed by well marked hiking trails. Rivers and creeks build lovely valleys, glacial and artificial lakes invite for water sports. Beautiful towns offer all kind of activities and country hospitality.

From Germany we proceeded to the next country, Austria. Then Brussels, Belgium was the last city we visited before crossing the English Channel and left Calais Port on our way to Dover Port in England which I will blog about in my later posts.

In the beginning of my European Tour, we started in Paris and visited the Gardens and Parks of Versailles in France before the start of our tour. This is almost coming to the end of my European Tour and our next stop was in Austria, we only stayed half a day there and proceeded to Brussels, Belgium.

(Photos Courtesy of Lakbay Pilipinas.ca)

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