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More Ladies’ Night Out this Week for a Birthday Party and Casino Adventure!

More Ladies’ Night Out this Week for a Birthday Party and Casino Adventure!

Ladies’ Night out again for a Birthday Party this week and then to the OLG Casino’s Newest Slots Machines Adventure one more time! It’s my birthday and we decided to celebrate, then have a dinner party just with family members at the Mandarin Chinese Buffet Restaurant East of Toronto tonight. It’s in the Pickering area not too far away from the Ajax Downs Casino where we will cap the night with another rounds at the casino’s slot machines.

It’s my birthday so I get to pick the restaurant and everyone agreed since this one have served fresh Crab Legs on weekends only and it’s (all-you-can-eat). Let’s go! Now… Dinner was a sumptuous meal, Buffet Style and my older sister invited us, she hosted the dinner party at the Mandarin Chinese Buffet Restaurant. Since Mandarin Restaurant is celebrating their 35th year in business, they are having a Trip for 2 to Japan Contest and after you get your Mandarin-Passport to Japan stamped 3x visits, then you can fill out the form and enter the contest to win the free trip to Tokyo, Japan. So we did just that and placed our entries in the contest box hoping to win one of the free trips soon enough!

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Since it’s my birthday, who knows I might hit the huge million-dollar jackpot tonight. The last time we went there one of us almost hit the jackpot slot machines and almost ended up going home with it. We arrived early at the casino so we stayed there for a few hours. We left late in the night since it’s Saturday and no work the next day.

OLY Sunset03

Earlier on that evening, I was able to take a great sunset photo from our balcony before leaving for dinner and the casino adventure.


The casino was really crowded on weekends but not so much on weekdays. We did play for a long while and everyone was on a winning streak, most of us did win so we went home with lots of money and in a jolly mood because we all won, also had lots of fun and good times with so much family bonding along the way. What a great evening it was spent with family and the weather was cool and breezy at night but sunny earlier during the day.


Earlier in the evening before we went out to have dinner at the restaurant, I opened my presents and to my surprise, I got a brand new SONY NEX-5 14.2 MP ZOOM KIT/18-55mm/FLASH (see photo above).  Lately, I’ve been talking to them about the Mirrorless Digital Camera and how popular it has become since it’s lighter than a DSLR.  I can’t believe it, now I got a Mirrorless Digital Camera complete with the bundled 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 lens and Flash. What a pleasant surprise! I also got some Birthday cards with some cash spending money. And the week before my birthday, the Acer Notebook with 6GB of RAM and 500 GB HDD that I’ve always wanted to own was on sale for a good price so I ordered it and it was delivered by UPS courier from the Tiger Direct Stores. Next post, I will show the new Acer Laptop that I bought and the lovely Sony NEX-5 Camera that I got. When I blew the solo candle on my cake slice provided by them complete with a group of waiters singing happy birthday song to me, my birthday wish was for many more happy birthdays to come like this year and also make my dreams come true.

Quote - Bearing its own gifts


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