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My Travel Blogger Friends were robbed in Rio – Breaking News

My Travel Blogger Friends were robbed in Rio – Breaking News

Last week I got some bad news from my travel blogger friends who were robbed at gun point early one morning while they were walking at the tourist spot, the Escadaria Salaron in Lapa to check it out again after their visit the day before. The place was deserted since they were there early and became a target to the thieves roaming around the city in a cab which caught them by surprise. The robbers stepped out of the cab and confronted them, “Hold up” in progress and stole their money, papers, passport, IDs, cellphones and cameras. Luckily, one of them didn’t bring her passport and left her stuff in the hotel safe but the harm is done already. They can’t proceed to their next destinations, Peru and Bolivia with one of them losing a passport, so now they are stranded in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Then they still have to travel to Sao Paulo Airport for their trip home to Manila. What a disaster!

When they posted that shocking incident on FB, I had to spring into action and sent them a pm that “Help is on the way!” by sending them a hundred dollars in funds via Paypal online. “Being Generous and Helping others in distress!” is one of my ideals in life so I did what I thought was the right thing to do, send and give them help asap. Sending them that much needed funds was easy enough, also it made me feel great and generous to be able to help friends in their time of need.

They were so grateful and I got a late Easter treat in photos posted on FB after they had lunch together at the Garota de Ipanema. What a way to cheer up friends who just had a very traumatizing experience while on their travels. I told my friend to take her other blogger friends out for lunch, my treat, since I sent them some emergency funds already. And they did go out for lunch at the Garota de Ipanema where the famous song “Girl from Ipanema” was composed and sang for the first time. Cheers and Happy Easter, too!

 (Photos Courtesy of thetravellingfeet.com)

“Tres amigos con tres cervezas y pizza en la Garota de Ipanema.”

Translate: Three friends with three beers and pizza at the Garota de Ipanema.

“The Girl from Ipanema” (“Garota de Ipanema”) was written in 1962, with music by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Portuguese lyrics by Vinicius de Moraes with English lyrics written later by Norman Gimbel. It won a Grammy for Record of the Year in 1965.
Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz ◊ The Girl From Ipanema ◊ 1964

Uploaded on Aug 17, 2009


Frank Sinatra – “The Girl From Ipanema” (Concert Collection)
Frank Sinatra

Uploaded on Nov 12, 2010
Frank Sinatra’s “The Girl From Ipanema” performance from the “Frank Sinatra: Concert Collection 7-DVD box set.


The Girl from Ipanema – Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto (cover by Elise Trouw)
Elise Trouw

Published on Sep 1, 2016

The Girl From Ipanema – Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto (1962)

Written by Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes



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