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Toronto in Solidarity with London, England

Toronto in Solidarity with London, England

In memory of the victims of the London attack

In memory of the victims of the Paris attacks

London, England

Crossing the English Channel on board an amphibious vehicle called Hovercraft boat, we arrived at Dover Port in the UK our entrance to England; since we were from the commonwealth nation they treated us like royalty but the rest of the tour group had to line up for hours like the rest of the foreigners. We waited at the lounge for a few hours and they served free cocktails and drinks. From there we headed to our hotel near London’s famous West End. We stayed at the Hyde Park Hotel and the next day we went to see the changing of the guards at the Buckingham Palace grounds.

We also went shopping at Harrods, the famous Department Store in Knightsbridge, London. We went to the Underground trains just for fun and took the London red double decker bus tour of the city. From a bright sunny afternoon to a rainy evening, so be prepared for a sudden change of weather and sometimes a heavy downpour when you least expect it. Have an umbrella handy most of the time or be prepared to get soaking wet and walk in the rain! After a few days in London, we were ready to say our goodbyes to the tour group and attended the farewell dinner party at the hotel restaurant. From the London Heathrow International Airport departure that served London, England, United Kingdom , I boarded an Air Canada flight back to Toronto Pearson International Airport.


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