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MY TRAVELS IN EUROPE SERIES #11 More Travel Adventures to the Isle of Capri

My Travel Adventure to the Isle of Capri in Italy

I remembered that on my European travel vacation, I had so much fun at the beautiful isles of Capri especially upon reaching the inner caves of the Blue Grotto under the hill and where on top of the hill the Statue of Our Blessed Virgin Mary is located. We took the ferry boats on our way to the Island of Capri and it was a sunny Autumn day with blue skies to compliment our visit to the blue grotto.

We waited on the ferry boats to transfer to the smaller boats that can enter the small hole at the blue grotto’s cave. We had to slide on the bottom of the small boats to keep our heads down so as not to hit the top of the entrance/exit of that cave. All the while the boat driver has to hold on to a rope overhead to pull his small boat inward to enter the cave easily.

Once inside the cave of the Blue Grotto they are free to row the boat around the cave in a circular manner to accommodate every boat there inside the cave. They sing out loud and Santa Lucia song in Italian echoes inside the grotto. Then after a few rounds of singing and enjoying the serene beauty of the blue waters, slowly the boats exit one by one and the boat drivers pull the rope again to bring us outside the cave safely with our heads safely tucked below so as not to hit the top of the exit.

From the small boats, we are docked to the side of the hill and then allowed to step out of the boats to go up the hill and see the view after visiting the Grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary. There are some stores at the island where you can buy some souvenirs and if you get hungry there’s cafe all over town that serves food and drinks to tourists. The outdoor cafe are so popular especially on a bright sunny day but if it’s rainy they have also indoor cafes. We had some snacks of coffee, tea and some pastries since we already had lunch in Sorrento before we left for Capri.

Then when we are done with our island tour, we would be back to Sorrento for dinner and back to our hotel suites to rest for the night and continue on our next stop on our European itinerary which would be Austria to Innsbruck where the Winter Olympiad was held years ago and from there to the City of Salzburg in Austria.

Photos Courtesy of LakbayPilipinas.ca


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