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MY TRAVELS IN EUROPE SERIES #10 My Travel Adventures to the Isle of Capri and Anacapri

My Travel Adventures to the Isle of Capri and Anacapri in Italy

On my European travel vacation, I also visited the beautiful isles of Capri and Anacapri in Italy. We didn’t stay on the island but we went there for an all day tour on a beautiful sunny Autumn day. Blue skies abound and the weather was quite balmy and not your usual cool autumn weather.  We traveled from Sorrento where we stayed in our travel to Italy. In Sorrento, I ended up with a small two storey townhouse hotel like everyone else in our tour group. Since I have a single accommodation preference, I got to stay there all by myself. The bedroom was up on the second floor but there was a huge living room combined with a dining room and a small fully equipped kitchen that I never got to make use of since we didn’t have time to go to the market to shop for groceries. Besides our breakfast, lunch and dinner were served in the main restaurant where everyone in our tour group gathered to dine

After we had lunch, we all went to the docks via our bus transport and took the ferry boats to the isle of Capri. When we got there, it was low tide so we were able to enter the small entrance to the Blue Grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose Statue was prominently displayed on top of the hill in the isle of Capri. After getting in a small boat and entering the Blue Grotto which was a small blue lagoon under the hill, we stayed there for a few rounds of sailing around the hidden grotto while the boaters sang Santa Lucia song, over and over again until we exited via that small exit/entrance of the cave underneath the hill. Then we got out of the boat and walked up the stairs to where the grotto was located before we left the island. We had to say our own prayers at the grotto after we finished that trip to the Blue Grotto.  When we left, the tide was getting higher so we can’t see that entrance to the cave anymore since it was covered by the sea water. We took the ferry boats back to Sorrento and back to our hotel.

The Blue Grotto Lagoon under the Hill

Naples was not part of our itinerary so we just passed by the city of Naples and went on to our next tour stop in Italy. We visited so many towns and cities in Italy and it’s one of the most beautiful country in Europe. Next time that I plan to visit Italy, I’d learn a bit of the Italian language and only take a tour that goes to all the nice places in Italy. I’d like to visit Naples, and the small towns and villages around the countryside. Tuscany valley will also be included on my next trip. I missed seeing Tuscany which I heard is one of the most romantic places in Italy. In Tuscany, they also grow the best grapes and have the most wineries that produces Italian wines. In some places in Italy we are not allowed to drink the water for fear of contaminants so most of the time we drink red wine. Native red wine is a staple in Italian towns and it comes on big bottles/jugs for consumption. On our meals no water is allowed to be served on the tables, mostly red wines instead during lunch and dinner. Spaghetti and pizza were served in most of the meals but at times we get to eat fresh fish, broiled and blackened and seafood, like boiled lobsters, clams and crabs. Sometimes they also served meat and vegetables with tomato sauce and red wine, of course. Italy is a very beautiful country that every enthusiastic traveler should not miss to see and I want to visit Italy again in the near future. Ciao e Arrivederci Italia!





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