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Apple Picking Adventures in Ontario, Canada

It’s Apple picking time again!


It’s that time of the year, when Autumn arrives that we go out apple picking in Ontario, Canada. It’s quite a unique adventure that I’d like to share. This is the season when the apples are ripe for picking and instead of just buying freshly-picked apples at the Farmer’s Markets everywhere, Foodland stores in Ontario or at the Supermarkets, but we chose to just go out for an adventure and go apple picking in one of the farms that have apple orchards in Ontario. Picking apples directly from the apple trees is so much fun and we also get to enjoy the outdoors, the fresh air in the farms and the sweet smell of apple pies baking in the farm’s kitchen and they sell them at the store freshly baked. It also affords us some good exercise walking around the apple trees in the apple orchards where there are hundreds of them fruit bearing trees where we can pick the ripe apples. We have to use ladders to climb and pick apples when the trees have grown taller and bigger. The kids like picking apples from the small and younger apple trees, then they don’t have to climb the ladders. Picking apples is not only fun but we get to buy and take home fresh apples. They can last a few weeks if stored in a cool place in the basement on open bins. We also use them to make apple pies, apple sauce or just eat them fresh. There are different varieties of apples and you can choose what to pick at the orchards like Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, Macintosh and much more.

A few weeks from now the apple-picking season will be over and winter will be coming soon. Last summer we missed the Strawberry-picking season because the strawberry season started so early when we had an early warm springtime and by late spring and early summer, the strawberries were so ripe for picking. Farm labor is so rare in the provinces that they have to hire them from out of town even from other places just to harvest the crops on time. So when families go out apple picking, they actually save some labor expenses and yet the farms get lots of apples to sell to everyone who loves apple picking.

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