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Our Family’s Apple Picking Adventures in Ontario, Canada

It’s Apple Picking Time Again here in Ontario at the Chudleigh’s Apple Farm!


It’s the last few weekends for apple picking in town, so we have decided to go early on this Saturday morning and everyone woke up so early to beat the crowds at the apple orchard and pick the ripe ones first. There’s more choice of apples in different varieties to pick if you arrived at the orchard early enough. Late in the afternoon most of the apples left are the unripe ones. After getting ready to leave, we all piled up in the car and left for the nearest apple orchard farm that is already open. When we got there at Chudleigh’s Apple Farm, their stores were already open and ready for business. They also sell apples in bushels that have been picked by them. But the reason why we want to go apple picking is the family bonding and the get together, also having fun in the orchards while picking those red, red delicious apples and other apple varieties.  They have an available trolley attached to a farm equipment where we ride on the way to the huge orchards. There are lines and lines of apple trees and they tell the crowds which lines have the best produce ready to pick and they let everyone off the trolley. They also showed each and everyone, the proper way of harvesting apples. First, you pick the red ones, then put your hand around the apple and twist it around until it comes off the branch. Just pull the fruit and not the branch. You get wooden or plastic containers to put the apples that you’ve picked.

When we get there we usually have bushels or the apple cart containers to place the apples in. Then we are also allowed to eat apples if you care to eat while picking them. Sometimes it’s more fun picking the apples and eat them later on. We usually enjoy picking apples for hours and have fun along the way. We also bring our cameras and take lots of photos to show off that we went apple picking. Usually we pick a nice and sunny day to go in the farms and just postpone the trip if the weather gets nasty and the forecast is rainy or cloudy or thunderstorm, if the weather gets worse, then we cancel for the next planned trip. It’s been so rainy the last few weekends that we had to wait for a nice bright sunny day to pick apples.

Today it was sunny but a bit on the cool side so we got our sweaters and jackets on. When we got to the orchard areas after riding on the trolley, we brought the apple bushels lined with plastic bags to fill with the picked apples and later on we bring them back with us on the trolley and have them weighed at the store or product shed and pay for the bags of apples usually cost $4 to $8 per bushel depending on how many pounds it contains. When the apples were ready and paid for, we take the bags with us and head to our cars at the parking lot beside the apple orchard so that we can get ready to leave and head back to the city.


CHUDLEIGH’S Farm Address
9528 Hwy 25
Halton Hills, Ontario
L9T 2X7




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