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My Travels in Europe Series #08 Travel to Venice, Italy

My Travel to Venice in Italy

The Grand Canal in Venezia.

Gondola Boat Ride.

My Travel to Venice, Italy on the European vacation holiday was quite memorable. Gondola ride is a must if you visit Venice, so we set out to go on a Gondola ride before it gets dark. Since I was by myself, a couple on our tour group invited me to join them and I did just that. We went to the area where the rides on the boat are available and rented a boat with a Gondola boater. He wears a standard uniform like the other workers and he sings as he paddles the boat with ease along the canal.

The Gondolas travel the usual routes and when they get back to their port, we disembark and the other riders waiting for their turn gets to ride the next available one. It’s a bit expensive to ride those gondolas, they overcharge people and I wanted to pay for my share on the boat ride but my hosts who invited me insisted on paying for his wife and for me, as their guest. I thanked them and we went back to our hotel to retire for the evening after we have dinner at the Italian Restaurant in the hotel.

The next day our tour would be to a glass blowing factory and we can buy some glass blown souvenirs but it would be so fragile to take along so I opted out in buying one. We walked around the hotel area on our way to the taxi ports. They use speed boats as taxi transportation in Venice, weird as it is, it can be fun though. After touring the city and taking in some beautiful sights, we all took a large boat back to the island from the city of Venice where our motor coach was waiting to take us to our next destination which was  Innsbruck then to Salzburg, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Gondolas at Sunset in Venezia

(Images Courtesy of lakbaypilipinas.ca)

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