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You do not need to take a career break to travel

Do you really need a career break to enjoy travelling?

So many of us want to travel and leave our careers behind to take a break but unless you really don’t like your career or your job then do you think that the idea of travel break really matters?

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I did travel and stay focus on my career on the same level, not exactly at the same time but I did not have to leave my job or career just to go backpacking to Europe or traveling first-class all the way taking a prearranged tour holiday on a vacation and going to countries that I have dreamed about all my life, and during those hard earned weeks of vacation, of course with pay to get on with my travel plans (usually 2 weeks vacation time allocated in the spring and summer, then 4 weeks in the autumn and wintertime). After graduating from college is the best time to go backpacking to Europe using a Eurail pass or going to Africa to do some volunteer work and maybe exploring the exotic Asian countries with your college friends. Then when you get a good job you can plan, save and go travel on your own vacation time.

First of all, you must have the urge and great desire to travel and dream about it, then you just have to plan, save for the trip, take your time executing that planned travel trip so you don’t miss anything important in your travel plans (like your valid passports, required visas, immunizations, traveler’s cheques, credit cards, pocket money and medications you need). It may take weeks, months even years just to get that nice dream into motion and fulfilling that dream is not going to be an easy task. You will need sacrifices, self-discipline and outlook that is positive in your life. You must want to make your dream come true one way or the other.  And when that time comes for you to realize your coveted dream then it is really worth all those efforts you put into your travel plans or just to see your own nice and sweet dreams turn into reality.

Then you can still stay focus on your career and the job that you like to keep for now. Maybe you are aiming to improve your career later on in life and get a great job with better perks and more pay in the future. But your dream of traveling is now at the present time, not in the past or too far away in the future at this moment in your life and make it real not just a dream or a plan anymore. Dreams are made of these little things, plans and ideas put into action; maybe even choosing the company, family or friends that you want to be with in your dream travels.

Travel now while you are young and have all the time in the world because later on in life all these time, efforts and money become a luxury we don’t even know if we can afford them anymore. Grab the great opportunity to travel when it comes your way in life. Be independent and make your own travel plans, do not depend on others to make your plans and your dreams come true.  When you have traveled and seen the whole world, or most of it anyways, then you can truly say that you have lived life to the fullest no matter how young or how old you are.

When you have fulfilled your dreams; then you can dream some more and start traveling again. It is an endless adventure in life and the more you travel, the better you enjoy these adventurous trips in your lifetime.  Travel can also be very educational;  there  are times when you go to another country that you see the real meaning of life, freedom of  speech and democracy itself for what we take so much for granted means life or death to others and what it really translates to is a learning experience for most of us who travels the world a lot.   So let’s go and find more places to see and countries to visit and then make your very own beautiful dreams turn to reality over and over again.

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