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My Travels in the Motherland, Philippine Islands

My Travels in the Philippines!

When I lived in Dipolog, Zamboanga del Norte, I traveled to so many different towns and cities in the Philippines.  I have here a short excerpt from my older posts, “Dipolog, the small town by the sea where I lived my happy childhood and spent most of my great school days in elementary and high school have grown into a big city now after the many years that I’ve left and moved to another country to find better job opportunities and lead a better life. When we moved from Luzon to Mindanao, the place that they called the ‘Promise Land’, little did I know that I would learn to love this town like my own birthplace. I wasn’t born here but I grew up to call this my own hometown”.

I have been blogging about my travels for a few years now and some of my blogs are about my personal thoughts in life. It was suggested that my comments would make a good article to post about our certain ways of life  back in our homeland. I picked him up on that suggestion and here’s what the new post is all about, my travels in the native land, the Philippine Islands.

I had tears in my eyes after I have read my friend, Christian’s latest post in his travel blog “Moments | Speak in Tongues”, I felt some very poignant memories had awaken certain intense feelings that I’ve experienced in life not because I felt so indifferent when people here in Canada noticed my foreign accent even when I spoke fluent English but rather felt some kind of real national pride being a  true-blooded Filipino. Of course, I’m so proud to tell them that I am a Filipino-Canadian. Yes, maybe I have a Canadian passport but deep down inside of me I am still a true Filipino. So when I found out that there’s a Republic Act in our own country that allows natural-born citizens to have dual citizenship, I was very glad to avail of that privilege right away and having dual passports is awesome. Now, I can truly say that I am a Filipino-Canadian, that is speaking internationally.

Oly Trinity Graduates

What about in our own native land? Yes, I have come across some regional discrimination as a Dipolognon because of my Bisayan accent, although I can disguise my Tagalog accent in Manila and they will never know I’m from Mindanao where I grew up and speaks fluent Bisayan dialect. Though I’m very proud to be a Cebuano because of our great heritage. Then of course, I can speak other dialects with their own accents; like Kapampangan, Ilocano, Chavacano and our National Language, Tagalog. I was born in Tarlac known as the melting pot in Luzon where people speak so many dialects and to me that didn’t matter much.

What I’m trying to say here is that even in our own country there is regional discrimination. That is a known fact, we can’t deny and it’s such a disgrace to discriminate on others just because they are from other regions and speak another dialect with a different accent than the one we are used to. We should just learn how to accept regional differences and live with it, then have so much pride as Filipinos like I’ve always done myself for years now.

I have traveled so  far and wide, where I have met people of different cultures but I’ve never been more discouraged than what I’ve experienced traveling in our country from Luzon, to the Visayas and to Mindanao. If you speak their dialect in their accented tone, they accept you and if not, sorry to say that you are on your own. it’s easy for me to adapt because I can speak so many dialects fluently so I’ve never really felt out of place on any towns and cities that I’ve visited in our country. What about others who can only speak one dialect? If only people will travel often then maybe they will learn to be more considerate of others. With all of these said and done, I rest my case. I do hope we can learn a good lesson from our travel experiences in life. “Daghan kaayong salamat”, (Thanks so much) what a great post that I’ve come across from a friend. Bravo!


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