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Dipolog, Philippines – My Old Hometown

Dipolog & Dapitan in Zamboanga del Norte

Dipolog SunsetPH

Lovely Sunset in Dipolog, Zamboanga del Norte, My Hometown.

Dipolog, the small town by the sea where I lived my happy childhood and spent most of my great school days in elementary and high school have grown into a big city now after the many years that I’ve left and moved to another country to find better job opportunities and lead a better life. When we moved from Luzon to Mindanao, the place that they called the Promise Land, little did I know that I would learn to love this town like my own birthplace. I wasn’t born here but I grew up to call this my own ‘hometown’.

Holy Rosary Cathedral in Dipolog Exterior


Dipolog - Rizal Monument in Plaza


Behind the old Rizal Monument at the Magsaysay Plaza is the new St. Mary’s Academy building of my school in the old hometown. I have graduated here from Kindergarten to the Elementary Grades (1-6) and High School. This school was very memorable to me because it was here that I’ve learned to become a leader and the president of the student council and I will never forget our graduation night when I had delivered my Valedictory address to the entire class, faculty, staff and parents at the audience and everyone that were present at our graduation day including the Most Rev. Monsignor Felix S. Zafra and Rev. Father Hector del Callar who penned my speech so beautifully. Then I also graduated with an Associate of Arts Degree at St. Vincent’s College in Dipolog City after which I went on to continue undergraduate studies at Silliman University in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.

Dipolog - Jollibee resto

There are lots of Restaurants around the city and Jollibee is one of the most popular. There are also hotels and other accommodations that are quite comfortable and modern if you want to stay for a few days in the city such as the Ariana Hotel, the Camilla Hotels and the newest D’Hotel & Suites. There is the beautiful Dakak Beach Resort in Dapitan City, not far away from my hometown.

Dipolog Sungkilaw Falls in Diwan

The magnificent Sungkilaw Falls at Diwan, Dipolog City

Dipolog - Linabo Peak Park

Dipolog - Linabo Peak Park - Way of the cross

The 3003 Steps to Linabo Peak where the Statue of Jesus carrying the cross is located

(All images Courtesy of www.dipologcity.com)

The magnificent Sungkilaw Falls that is situated in Sitio Virginia, Barangay Diwan in Dipolog City.  Also a great place to visit is the 3003 steps to Linabo Peak where the Statue of Jesus carrying the cross is prominently displayed for the climbers to the peak to see and behold. Here at Dapitan City, the famous Rizal Park is located and the National Park is the pride of Dapitan in Zamboanga Del Norte. Our National Hero, Jose Rizal was exiled here at Dapitan City.

Anthony Pagandahan
Uploaded on Jun 28, 2011

This is the major historical landmark of Dapitan City. It refers to the more or less sixteen (16) hectares estate of Dr. Jose P. Rizal which he purchased in Barangay Talisay. In August 1892, a Spaniard from Manila brought lottery tickets to Dapitan. Dr. Jose Rizal, Capt. Ricardo Carnicero, the politico military governor of Dapitan at that time and a Spaniard residing in Dipolog bought a ticket which luckily won for them 20,000 peso. Rizal’s share was 6,200 pesos. He gave 2,000 pesos to his father and 200 pesos to Basa, his friend in Hongkong. He invested his remaining winnings in business and bought lands and built houses in Talisay which is now the Rizal Shrine.

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