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Vinta Boats in Zamboanga City, Philippines

Vinta Boats in Zamboanga City, Philippines

My oldest collection is an oil painting on canvas but still unframed, named “Vinta” Boat (a native boat aptly called ‘vinta’). They used to be sea transportation, sailboats to go from one island to another, but since they’ve gone out of style and not used anymore, they are now extinct. They came back years later as boats for racing in a boat regatta in Zamboanga City. When the Dragon Boats started getting popular so did the “Vinta” boats and mostly for racing purposes now considered another sports.



The “Vinta” Boat

Vinta1According to Wikipedia, “The Vinta (locally known as lepa-lepa or sakayan) is a traditional boat found in the Philippine island of Mindanao. These boats are made by Bajau and Moros living in the Sulu Archipelago, Zamboanga peninsula, and southern Mindanao. It has a sail with assorted vertical colors that represents the colorful culture and history of the Muslim community. These boats are used for inter-island transport of people and goods. Zamboanga City is known for these vessels.” (Info Courtesy of Wikipedia)

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